24/7 Pet Helpline Announced, Courtesy of Pets Best

03/20/2017 by

If you have questions regarding your pet in the middle of the night, Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC now has you covered. Their newly developed hotline is designed to help pet owners with all sorts of inquiries around-the-clock. Perhaps the best part is that it costs policy holders nothing extra.

As a leading pet insurance agency in the United States, Pets Best LLC recently announced the inception of its 24/7 pet helpline that employs trusted experts and veterinary-trained professionals. Customers can ask questions via phone, live chat, mobile chat, and/or email, reducing the need for emergency vet services and thus saving pet owner’s time and money.

The never-ending access to veterinarian consultation services was initially designed to help policy-holding pet owners find the answers they need about behavioral issues and preventative medical care without making a doctor’s appointment. Suspecting a problem with a pet is a stressful situation, especially when typical vet offices are closed. This hotline is made to assist curious and worried people, assuaging their woes until the doctor can be seen.

Hotline administrators and operators want to make it clear that pets will not receive a diagnosis through the hotline. Furthermore, the hotline is not a source to have prescriptions written or filled and is not meant to replace quality veterinarian care. While Pets Best LLC already offers the most comprehensive insurance policies for pets, this $100 service add-on is free for those who sign up, with no annual costs or lifetime limits. Visit the official Pets Best Insurance Services LLC website for more information.