Aquatic vs. Semi Aquatic Turtles

11/18/2012 by

When picking out a turtle, you may want to decide what habitat is the best fit for you and your home.  You also will want to make sure that when constructing your turtle haven, you will want to do so the best way possible. 


All-glass or Plexiglas aquariums are a common and attractive choice to display your new turtle friend, but the cost can deter you.  If you are searching for a more reasonable, low-cost solution, pretty much any new, clean, waterproof plastic containers/tubs will do.  Keep in mind the size of your pet so that they have room to explore, swim, sunbathe and eat.  A wider container with ample space to both walk-on and swim will allow your new pet to be more comfortable and happier. 


The tank’s gallon size should depend on the size of your turtle and the deepness of the water should be at least the same measurement of the length of their shell.  But make sure to do your research on what type of swimmer your turtle is.  Some can be great swimmers so deeper water is fine, but for poorer swimmers, shallow water may be necessary.


Other elements can make your turtle’s habitat more comfy and safe are clean water preferably filtered by a water filter, aquatic plants, laying area and a water heater.  Access to sunlight is important as well as they enjoy basking on land.  Some turtles can escape their tank if the sides are low enough so a cover may be necessary.  Also, when making your turtle’s new home, make sure to keep it simple as you will be having to clean it regularly.


Overall, knowing your pet’s needs and nature will guide you in how you can create the perfect environment for him/her and it can also be fun if you have a flair for design!