Celebrate National Pet Fire Safety Day with These Tips

07/14/2017 by

You may never of thought that your pet could start a house fire, but it’s totally possible. July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day. This day helps to bring awareness to the fact that pets have started fires accidently and there is a way to prevent it. Here is a guide to preventing pets from starting house fires.

Secure your pets, especially the young ones

When you’re not home, your pet can roam wild and free. Sometimes the only way to do this is to secure your pets while you’re away. Your pet could get hungry and try to reach something on the stove. You just never know!

Working fire alarms are important

You really don’t know how important fire alarms are until you need them. If your pets accidently cause a fire, those fire alarms are going to help save your life. Check your fire alarms quite frequently.

Have an evacuation plan for your pets

Your pets are a valuable part of your life and home. In case of a fire, have a fire escape plan in mind for those furry friends. Talk about who will grab which pet in case of a fire. Remember that the end goal is to get everyone out of the house as quickly as possible.

Watch those tails and excited pups

It may sound crazy, but dogs can get excited and accidently knock a candle over. Most pet owners don’t really think of something like this because it sounds so far-fetched, except it’s not. It does happen and can happen to your home. Take precautions now.

You don’t want to be paranoid about your pet starting a fire, but you do want to be aware. Make sure you also have a pet sticker or something on your window, so firefighters know if there is a pet that needs rescuing. All these small tips add up to make a huge difference. National Pet Fire Safety day is to bring awareness to this issue, but also to keep our puppies safe.