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How to Form a Friendship with Your Bird

Sharing food with your bird is a pretty big deal for him/her, because it lets your pet know you see them as part of your flock and family.

Aviary Zoning Laws: Seven Steps to Planning Your Aviary

For your own health and the safety of your family, there are health codes that must be met. The zoning department of your county will be able to give you specific details on what you’ll need to begin your project.

Tips For Persuading Your Plumed Pet To Fly To You

Be sure to avoid change too quickly. It’ll discourage your bird, but if your bird seems to have mastered the previous skill, try doing the same things with different perches at different levels.

10 Fascinating Facts About The African Grey Parrot

The African Grey is a famously intelligent companion bird with a rich cultural history. These birds have been captivating to people for centuries, and you may be lucky enough to own one. Be warned, though, these birds are not for beginners. Read thro

Things to Consider Before Adoption

Adopting a pet is an exciting and life-changing decision. If you are ready to make it, that’s awesome. Before you dive in, though, make sure you’ve thought everything through. Adopted pets deserve to have homes they can count on.

First Aid Basics For Pets

Start your preparedness by creating a pet first aid kit featuring tweezers, loose bandages, a towel or blanket, food and water, your dog’s prescription medicines, vet-approved antihistamine, and a toy or two for comfort.

The Care and Keeping of Your Parakeet

Parakeets can be bright, fun, and loving pets, but they must be well taken care of. Here are steps you can take for your new budgie friend!

My Bird Bites!

Your bird just bit you. You’re mad, you’re hurt, and you want revenge. Before you get angry, try and decipher what your bird is saying with this bite. Listen to him and act accordingly!

Training Your Baby Bird

Birds of course love going outside, but you’ve got to help them stay safe. To let your bird fly safely outside, place him in his harness carefully (eventually he’ll understand that this means play time and help you out).

Dishes and Waterers

Most birdcages will come with bowls for food and water that work perfectly well to fit the nutrition and water needs of your bird.