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Celebrate National Pet Fire Safety Day with These Tips

Here is a guide to preventing pets from starting house fires.National Pet Fire Safety day is to bring awareness to this issue, but also to keep our puppies safe.

Tips for Making Home a Comfortable Cat Haven

Pay attention to your cat(s). They will make it clear what they want in your home. To get a head start, try one of the following happy cat tactics

The Top 10 Questions that All Pet Owners Should Ask Their Vet

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that is not entirely true. Animals, just like human beings, can grasp new concepts up until the day they die. Living with behavioral problems or the frustrations thereof can have damaging consequenc

Top 6 Methods to Keep Cats Entertained When You’re Not at Home

The scratching post, or cat tree as it is sometimes referred, can give your kitty hours of healthy entertainment. As your cat’s natural instincts take over in the wild of your unattended home, cat trees/scratching posts help them expend some of that

10 Reasons Why Your Pet’s Teeth are Just as Important as Your Own

Let’s see why your pet’s teeth are just as important as your own:

My Cat's In Heat, What Does This Mean?

Your cat will go into heat throughout the year. However, she goes into heat more often during the spring and summer season.

Breast Cancer and Pets: The Basics

Chemotherapy and/or radiation may be used to treat the cancer, although cats are more likely to receive these treatments. As is the case with humans, the sooner you treat the disease, the better the prognosis is.

5 Human Foods That Are Safe For Cats

While we’ve provided healthy human food options you cat will love, it’s important to inform you of human foods you must avoid serving, as they are toxic to cats.

Want to get your Chubby Kitty to Exercise?Here are 10 Ways to get Your Cat Moving and Healthy!

Cats love to chase things; after all, she/he is a little hunter at heart. You can purchase ping-pong balls, string, or even roll a sheet of paper into a ball so chubby kitty can pounce around and play. These ideas are not only friendly on your purse,

Top 10 Biggest Mistakes All Cat Owners Make

Cheap food can easily lead to obesity in cats along with other health problems down the road. Make sure that you’re feeding your cat a high-quality cat food. In the end, they eat less of it too.