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Tips for Making Home a Comfortable Cat Haven

Pay attention to your cat(s). They will make it clear what they want in your home. To get a head start, try one of the following happy cat tactics

Top 6 Methods to Keep Cats Entertained When You’re Not at Home

The scratching post, or cat tree as it is sometimes referred, can give your kitty hours of healthy entertainment. As your cat’s natural instincts take over in the wild of your unattended home, cat trees/scratching posts help them expend some of that

Want to get your Chubby Kitty to Exercise?Here are 10 Ways to get Your Cat Moving and Healthy!

Cats love to chase things; after all, she/he is a little hunter at heart. You can purchase ping-pong balls, string, or even roll a sheet of paper into a ball so chubby kitty can pounce around and play. These ideas are not only friendly on your purse,

Why Your Cat Rejects the Litter Box

It is extremely annoying when your trained cat decides to throw rules out the window and ignores the litter box you’ve provided.

Help Your Cat Keep Calm at the Vet

A lot of people don’t like going to the doctor. Even more cats don’t like going to the vet. In both cases, however, these visits are essential in maintaining a healthy life. Here’s some advice on handling those visits with your favorite feline.

Litter Box Training

Potty training your new kitty to use the litter box can be a bit challenging, but with these few helpful hints, you should have no problem!

Adopting a Senior Cat Companion

The older the cat, the more difficult it is for them to get adopted from shelters and rescues. When people go searching for a new pet, most times they look for cute,

How To Prepare Your Children For A Pet Cat

To prepare for your new family member, call for a family meeting to talk about the pros and cons of adopting a cat or kitten.

Meow…Hiss…Screech...Cat Fight!

Cats are extremely territorial and will protect what they believe is rightfully theirs at any cost. Cats are by nature territorial, even if the territory extends no further than the end of your couch.

How to Chat With Your Kitty Cat

The key to building a devoted and caring relationship between you and your kitten is to gain an understanding of how kittens communicate.