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Things to Consider Before Adoption

Adopting a pet is an exciting and life-changing decision. If you are ready to make it, that’s awesome. Before you dive in, though, make sure you’ve thought everything through. Adopted pets deserve to have homes they can count on.

Pig Watering Needs

Fresh drinking water at all times should be at the top of your pig priority list. Regularly check the supply for contamination and leaks. Water is the most important nutrient needed in the greatest quantity.

What to Look for in a Dairy Goat

Health- does the goat show any sign of disease?

Goats Outdoors, and Separation Considerations

If you have male goats (bucks) you’ll need to keep them away from the females (does). If they are too close to the ladies, their odors will affect the milk production. The bucks need around 33 square feet of space to rest and 54 feed of outdoor yard

Goat Nutrition

Providing your goats a balanced diet depends on many factors including your location, climate, availability of browsing plants, the number of goats you have.

Waterers for Ducks and Geese

Avoid using a large open container when the babies arrive, they shouldn’t get too wet for the first 4-5 weeks, unless they are being watched by the mother.

Goat Handling

Become friendly and handle your goats when young, so they will grow up accustomed to human contact. Avoid playing with the young goat (kid) as you would a puppy. Don’t push against their head because this can teach them to head butt when they are old

Goat Housing

Like with most small animals, your goats need shelter from the wind, rain, other elements, and predators. Use common sense depending on your climate to determine what elements your goats need protection from. There are many options to choose from,

Choosing the Right Goat

Consider what you want to use your goats for before buying. Milk? Fiber? Pet? Weed control? Go to the source, and buy from a farmer, ask to look at breeding quality goats. Visit farms and see how the goats are raised.

Bedding for your Goats

There are pros and cons of different flooring and bedding options. Concrete is colder for your goats, but it is easier to sanitize, you can just wipe it down with bleach when you clean it. Wood or dirt is more likely to mold or rot, but it’s warmer.