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Why Getting Your Horse Vaccinated Does More Good Than Harm

While vaccine-relates cases wherein the injected horse’s system reacted negatively to the vaccine do exist, they are relatively rare.

Safety Tips for Vaccinating Your Horse

Vaccination schedules and strategies are important to the efficacy and safety of administering them. Remember, no vaccine is “one size fits all.” Universal equestrian vaccination recommendations are virtually impossible to make, depending on several

Tips and Caring for Senior Horses

While your horse might not be as active as she was in her prime, she still has a lot of life to live. One of the ways you can ensure that your horse doesn’t survive, but thrives is to create an exercise regime with the help of your local equine vet.

Top 10 Horse Nutrition Guide

Hay is also a necessary dietary supplement for horses as it provides added vitamins not normally found in grass and also reduces the amount of dirt and parasites the horse ingests from the ground.

10 Facts About Horses

A Horse’s Laugh?
Have you ever stood near a horse and felt self-conscious because you thought it was laughing at you? Turns out, he’s not. He’s actually trying to determine if you smell bad. Horses use a special smelling technique called the flehma

Give Your Horse a Hand This Winter

It’s wintertime. You’re cold, your cat’s cold, your kids are cold, but you are all in the house. Stop and remember that gorgeous creature outside, and think about it…is your horse cold? Probably.

Facts on Horses and The Way They Sleep

You’ve been studying up on what your horse eats, how to train him, etc, but you may have forgotten to learn about the way he sleeps. It’s not something you’d automatically think about, but horse’s sleeping habits are very different from humans.

How to Halter Your New Horse

The halter is a piece of headgear you’ll use to lead and hold your horse. The most durable halters are made of leather, however, rope and nylon options still work well. Rope halters can be made or ordered by you.

Horse Teeth

Because horses rely on food that is relatively difficult to chew for survival, it is incredibly important to make sure their teeth are healthy.

Horse Vaccination

Horses are at risk for numerous infectious diseases that if left untreated can lead to serious illness and sometimes death. Fortunately, committing to a regular vaccination plan can help protect your horse from a lot of these infections.