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Japan Opens World’s First Cat Club

The club’s in-house programmers will select the line-ups for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Sundays will be dedicated to ambient sounds suitable for the cats, which will have full roam of the club.

Meet the Men Who Invented the Only Choke-Free Dog Collar

Enter the Krauser Kollar. The Krauser Kollar prevents the pulling and choking associated with regular collars.

10 Amazing Christmas Gifts For Your Pet

4. Lovepuppy Pictures: A pet portrait studio that gives back through its volunteer work with local rescue organizations and animal shelters. Merchandise from the Lovepuppy Picture Shop make perfect Christmas gifts for your fellow animal lovers. A por

PetClue Celebrates New Mobile App with a Generous Offer

PetClue is announcing an all-inclusive mobile app to reach local businesses and services for all the pets in your home.

$4 Million Dollars Invested in Petnet Smart Feeders

Petnet has already received $1.5 million in venture capital from Grishin Robotics, Kima Ventures, Launch Capital and SparkLabs Global Ventures and was part of the Bolt hardware incubator. New investors coming to the table include the Amazon Alexa Fun

Amtrak Allows Small Dogs and Cats on Select Routes

The following trains are accepting pets from October 12 of 2015 to February 15 of 2016. The Northeastern Regional trains between Boston - New York – Washington – Lynchburg – Newport News – Nortfolk. The Downeaster trains between Portland and Boston –

Captured…The Look of The Dog

As for the dogs, well they speak for themselves! Whether you read about exhibitionist Lola the Showgirl, tiny Jerry the King Sized Optimist, or the stoic Salty Dog, you’ll enjoy getting to know these incredible dogs.

Beer for Dogs! Beer for Dogs!

The brew is made with meat bones, brewer’s yeast, potatoes, and carrots. The meat remnants and bones are donated by neighboring restaurant Smoking Goose.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind: An Amazing Organization

Puppy Raising: Puppy raisers provide Guiding Eyes puppies with a warm home, teach social skills, attend training sessions, and coordinate with staff to raise a pup that’s ready to help.

Delta Airlines Offers GPS Pet Trackers

GPS pet tracker located on the pet’s carrier as they continue their journey. The device will track the pet’s movements, the temperature surrounding the pet’s carrier, and direct location of the pet on its way to its destination.