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Rankins Dragons: Big fun in small packages!

Rankins dragons are one of the few species that are social and actually seem to prefer living in groups of 2-4. Make certain that your rankins’ home is roomy and comfortable minimum 30 gallon, but I go with 40-55 gallon with a place to bask on, I rec

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pet Frog

Do your research on what frog will best fit your lifestyle, size-wise, financially, and attention-wise.  All frogs require different things so make sure you both are a right fit for one another before diving right in!

Reticulated Pythons

You should only be buying a reticulated python if you are an experienced snake owner. Trust us, you don’t want to test this theory. They are large and aggressive, which should be reason enough to stay away if you are a rookie snake owner.

California King Snakes

California King Snakes are a popular pet for snake enthusiasts. They are a manageable size and can live for a long time—up to 20 years—in captivity. Thinking about buying one? Here are the quick facts.

Electric Blue Day Gecko

The Electric Blue Day Gecko is a very aesthetically striking lizard that is appealing because of its color, but lizard owners need to know they often times have a hard time thriving in captivity.

Jackson Chameleon

Jackson Chameleon’s are a popular choice for those looking to buy a lizard. After all, they look like a mini triceratops and who wouldn’t want a pet dinosaur!? Here are a few things you need to know about taking care of them.

Dumeril Boa’s

Are you someone who has had a snake before and are ready to expand your horizons in the world of snake ownership? Than look no further than the Dumeril Boa. Here are a few things you need to know about them.

Tiger Salamanders

Tiger Salamanders are a popular choice for lizard enthusiasts, despite the fact that they can easily live longer than the average dog and can’t be handled very often.

House Geckos

House Geckos aren’t called House Geckos for no reason—they are small, inexpensive and easy to maintain in captivity.

Spiny-tailed Iguanas

Spiny-tailed iguanas have recently grown in popularity in the United States. Increasing numbers are bred in captivity so they should be pretty easy to find at your local pet store!