How to Make RV Travel Easy With Your Pets

07/26/2017 by

Those of us that enjoy camping with our dogs, need a few tips. It’s not always easy taking our four legged friends camping with us. However, it’s not the same without them either. If you’re an RV owner that wishes to take their dog camping, you need this guide in your life.

An RV Owner’s Guide to Camping with a Dog

Dogs need breaks

Not sure how to “break” the news to you, but dogs need breaks. They can’t ride in an RV for hours without a break. Stopping every 3-4 hours is a good idea. Give your dog time to run, play, use the potty, and rejuvenate for the rest of the trip. You may also want to give your dog its own space in the RV. As much as your dog loves you, it will want its own space to relax.

Pack your dog a bag

What? Yes, just as parents would pack a diaper bag for a baby, pack a dog back for your furry baby. Put everything your dog would need in this bag. Pack small items like; food, treats, leash, and favorite toys. You don’t have to bring a ton, but a few items are a good idea.

Pick a dog friendly campground

When it comes down to it, you need a campground that is dog friendly. Call around before you commit to a campground to park. Yes, it really does make a difference when the campground is pet friendly. Your dog deserves to be comfortable. Most dog-friendly campgrounds may have an extra fee, but they are worth paying to have peace of mind.

Keep your dog as healthy as you can

Before you embark on the next journey with your dog, please make sure they are up to date on vaccinations and as healthy as can be. Dogs like to get into trash, mud, dirt, and grass – so you’ll want to ensure they have their shots. Also, another essential thing to do before you leave is to make sure your dog is wearing a proper name tag and a way to reach you. Dogs can also get hot easily, so give plenty of water.

Traveling in an RV, with your pet is an awesome way to make memories for both of you. Do you have any camping tips for pets?