New York Soup Kitchen Opens Door to Homeless People and Their Pets

11/03/2015 by

A ministry on the Lower East Side of New York City is providing homeless youth and their pets with basic necessitates. Collide, which operates out of Graffiti Church, connects homeless pet owners with basic health care services for their pets like vaccinations, spaying/neutering and dog licensing. Twice a week, Collide feeds homeless families and their animals with special weekday meals.


Photo Credit:Sabrina Paige


Owning a pet is expensive, espacilly in New Yotk. This presents a great challenge for the homeless population in the city.  Collide would like to extend its services beyond the Lower East Side and into other areas in the city. The ministry feels it can expand its reach by partnering with other aid organizations, seeking out more volunteer veterinarians and connecting with more donors.


Collide is also working to dispel the misconception that homeless people are not fit pet owners. While many people say that they would continue to care for their pets should they become homeless, this is not the reality. The group realizes the special bond between pets and their owners, and notes psychological and spiritual healing pets can offer their owners.


To learn more about Collide, visit their website at: