Tips for Making Home a Comfortable Cat Haven

04/25/2017 by

Having a cat as a pet is an honor and a responsibility. If you don’t keep your home comfortable for the pets you have, then some would say you do not deserve to have them. Preparing a cozy domicile for your furry friends does not have to be expensive or difficult. In fact, it merely requires some creativity and a basic knowledge of feline behavior. 


Understanding Your Cat to Develop the Ideal Home

Cats like to take naps, but that’s not all they do. While some might assume that cats are unsociable or lazy animals, that is not entirely true. Kitty may love to lay around in the sun, but she likes to play, hunt, and explore her natural instincts as well. In general, your cat wants a comfortable spot to rest, an exciting place to play, and an area to safely explore her surroundings. 


Using What You Know to Create a Comfortable Cat Haven

Pay attention to your cat(s). They will make it clear what they want in your home. To get a head start, try one of the following happy cat tactics:


1. Install a bracket-based perch on a sunny window sill for comfy cat naps.

2. Construct a “Fun Zone” in a corner of your house, designated especially for kitty.

3. Save a few cardboard boxes for your cat to play with.

4. Put out a ball of string or yarn.

5. Hang catnip toys or shiny objects from various places in your home.

6. Use a puzzle ball to encourage hunting and developmental skills


Offer a scratching post or cat tree for running and exploring.

Not only does making your home more comfortable for kitty benefit your pet while you’re at home, it also creates a happy atmosphere for your cat when you’re away. Give your cat plenty to do and she will thank you for it with purrs and snuggles.