Top 6 Methods to Keep Cats Entertained When You’re Not at Home

03/01/2017 by

Your furry feline friend may appear to love solitude, but that doesn’t mean she likes to be bored. Your presence is what comforts her, giving her the peace-of-mind to take leisurely cat naps on the window sill. When you leave, however, that same kitty becomes restless and worried, in need of something to keep her entertained until you return. 


Below are the top six happy kitty activities to keep your cat from going bonkers while you’re away. After all, those comfy cat naps will eventually lose their appeal.

1.     The Scratching Post

The scratching post, or cat tree as it is sometimes referred, can give your kitty hours of healthy entertainment. As your cat’s natural instincts take over in the wild of your unattended home, cat trees/scratching posts help them expend some of that pent-up energy in the form of claw shaping, climbing exercises, and harmless mischief.

2.     The Hanging Toys

By hanging random cat toys from designated spots in the house, bored and lonely kitty gets something to hunt for and attack (besides your curtains and furniture). Try using furry animals, jingly balls, and shiny objects for maximum effect.

3.     The Companion

Cats crave social time, even if they won’t come when you call them. Adding a secondary companion to the house can reduce agitation and promote a longer lifespan, which makes that extra bag of cat food well worth the money.

4.     The Food Puzzle

Stimulate your kitty’s brain and muscle development by offering up a food puzzle toy. These things require your cat to figure out the correct way to open the toy (usually a ball) so they can receive yummy treats. Not only is it entertaining, but it will also keep your cat fed while you’re away.

5.     The Sounds of Music  

Yes, there are soothing sounds that are ideal for home alone cats. There are also DVDs available with calming music for lonely kitties. Try using music when you’re at home and monitor your cat’s reaction. If she likes it, turn it on before you leave so she doesn’t get so lonely.

6.     The Cat Nip

What cat doesn’t like a little cat nip? It’s like a safe sedative that calms your kitty and keeps him or her happy until your inevitable return. In fact, scientists have proven that small doses of catnip can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression in domestic felines, helping them settle in better to unfamiliar environments.