Animal Center Experiences Overcrowding & Offers Free Pet Adoptions.

on 07/12/2017 - 03:24 pm

It is always super sad to hear about an overcrowded animal center. However, one animal center is doing something about the overcrowding and we love it. Clay County Animal Care and Center is having a HUGE adoption event this weekend. Because their center is crowded, they need to get some animals to a new home ASAP.

You can expect that June 11th and 12th all the adoption fees are waived. This means that you can take a beloved pet home for free. Nothing can stand in between you and your new pet, not even money. If you’re looking for a new pet, stop by tomorrow between the hours of 10AM and 4PM to pick out a new furry friend. You’re not just getting a new pet, ...

Stray Dog Adopts Adventure Racing Team as His New Family

on 03/14/2017 - 01:24 am

A small group of Swedish Adventure Racers got a surprising new team member recently when a local stray dog adopted them in the middle of a competition in Ecuador. The dog, who would soon earn the name King Arthur for his decidedly regal aura, sauntered through the crowd in search of food before coming across Team Peak Performance having a break. Initially apprehensive to Arthur’s dirty and sickly appearance, the generous team ended up giving old Arthur some meatballs from their pouches, and the rest is history.

A short while later, after finishing their snack, the team packed up and left. A few miles down the road, however, they noticed they were not alone; Arthur walking cl ...

BREAKING NEWS: Pet Food Recall on Popular Brand

on 03/01/2017 - 08:22 am

Leading pet food brand, Blue Buffalo, announced today that a voluntary recall was in effect for various products already on the shelves of many stores around the world. Recalled labels include 12.5 ounce cans of Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight and Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables. Brand spokesmen say that the recall is due to a potential contamination of aluminum metal found recently in routine testing. 
The side effects of ingesting aluminum metal are dangerous and may include discomfort, choking, and in some cases death. As a precautionary measure, Blue Buffalo has tested other products in their inventory for similar contaminations. So far, no other items are included in ...

Oats, Peanut Butter & Banana Dog Cookies

on 02/09/2017 - 06:32 am

If you have small kids who like to play with your dog(s) and you suspect that they might try to taste the dog(s) cookies, here is a safe recipe.  Very tasty!
Oats, Peanut Butter & Banana Cookies(Makes 16 cookies) 2 ½ cups instant oats2 cup whole wheat flour (keep on the side to use as needed)1 Egg½ cup chicken broth2 Tablespoons creamy Peanut Butter1 ripe banana Place egg and chicken broth in a bowl and mix well with a hand held mixer. Add the oats, the peanut butter and cut the banana in small pieces. Mix well. If the mixture looks too loose, add whole wheat flour as needed. Spread the mixture on a countertop and roll it out with a r ...