100 Dogs Saved from Meat Festival by Chinese Activist

on 06/24/2015 - 11:41 pm

Yang Xiaoyunn, a retired schoolteacher from Tianjin, China, has been an animal activist and advocate since 1995 when she pulled an abandoned kitten out of a river. In 1999, she founded “Common House for All” which provides sanctuary to 1,500 rescued dogs and 200 rescued cats.Since then, Yang has taken in hundreds of animals while referring to them as her “children”, sold her home and relies on rented space to house them.




On Saturday Yang added yet another act of kindness to her list, and became a hero to many for saving 100 dogs from Yulin’s annual dog meat festival. At 65 years old, Yang Xiaoyun traveled about 1,500 miles from her home and paid about $1,120 to rescue the animals. Yang’s courageous and selfless deed has helped to draw the attention of protesters who view Yulin’s festival, where about 10,000 dogs are killed every year, as animal cruelty.




Though Yang’s efforts won’t entirely end the festival since merchants make money whether dogs are slaughtered or not, it does make a difference to the lives of 100 dogs who can now carry out their natural lives at Yang’s dog farm. Millions of dog lovers worldwide join activists in speaking out against the controversy. Director of Animal Cruelty Issues at the Humane Society, Adam Parascandola, has issued a press statement saying, “Many of these animals are stolen pets, and most of the dog meat trucks coming in are in total breach of China’s very clear laws on animals for human consumption. How much longer can China simply allow the Yulin authorities to flout the law like this?”


Currently Chinese government officials disapprove of dog meat consumption, but there are no specific laws banning it. 


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