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Purr or Gurr..?

on 10/22/2013 - 03:03 pm

My roommate at the time and I had decided to get a cat. I explained to her that when we would go our separate ways that Rocky would come with me as I couldn't bear the thought of leaving him behind! After four years of living together we did in fact go our separate ways and of course Rocky followed his mama!
Being single for many years to follow, it was interesting to see this little feline react in different ways to the guys I dated! I always wondered what it was about so and so that he didn't like!? Why would he puke on his pants? Why would pee in his shoes? Why would he meow around the bed not letting us sleep until 4am?
Well all those questions were answered when my now ...

Meet The Moos..!

on 10/15/2013 - 05:59 pm

Wow do I love these dogs! Their names are all Greek and they are all Bichons. Manna Moo is the oldest of the 3. His name means "My Momma” in Greek. Although this doesn't sound very masculine, the guy is a champion and an actor. He is absolutely obsessed with his donut toy and can run around like a Ferrari to grab it. He has been on television several times because he is so hilarious.He has picked up my fathers “Big Greek personality”. My father would take him with him when he had to pick up delivery’s for our restaurant Frisco’s in City Of Industry.My dad would just leave him for a few minutes to walk into Restaurant depot to let them know he arrived.Manna Moo d ...