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Help Your Cat Feel Thankful, Too! Tips for Cats on Thanksgiving

on 11/27/2013 - 06:21 pm

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to gather and party it up with your family and friends. While your cat is included in the family and friends category, she may not be as eager to party as the rest of the gang. Here are some tips to keep your cat safe, happy, and appropriately included in Turkey Day.
Easy on the Décor, Martha.
Holidays provide us with a wonderful excuse to show off our classy decorating taste, but they also provide cats with dangerous things to tangle and ingest. This holiday, stay away from elaborate floral centerpieces and fancy potpourri. Many plants and flowers are toxic to cats, especially lilies. Anything with a heavy amount of scent and essential oil ...

My little munchkin Lilo...!

on 11/25/2013 - 12:35 am

I had a little munchkin dog, half chihuahua half papillon half I'm not sure what. In my apartment I had a mini rug, one of the ones that had a lot of ruffles on it. Given the fact that I worked a 9-10 hr day, LILO was left home a lot. And the little brat that she was, :)) , she did not like that!! Naturally, she would do things and try to destroy things that belonged to me just to express her anger! 
On occasion, I'd come home, and LILO would be nowhere in sight. I knew by now that when that occurred, it was because she was hiding cuz she'd done something she wasn't supposed to! By now I had caught on to her little mishaps. I would call for her once, twice and the third time I ...

Tattoos for Dogs: Art or Abuse?

on 11/23/2013 - 07:30 pm

A tattoo artist in North Carolina has received a lot of criticism lately because of his decision to put a tattoo on his dog, Duchess. He says he chose this course of action as a way of identifying his dog should she get lost. His older dog has the same tattoo, located on his underbelly, just like his sister.
The criticisms started when the artist posted a picture of his dog’s new ink on his tattoo parlor’s Facebook page. Obviously, the reviews were mixed. One woman supported the idea, wishing her dog’s registration tattoos were as creative as Duchess’s. More people responded negatively, feeling that it was cruel of the artist to do this without consent from ...

Dangerous Consequences for Pets Who Ate Jerky Treats

on 11/19/2013 - 10:34 pm

Pet owners, veterinarians, and FDA agents across the country are baffled as to why nearly 600 pets have died as a result of eating tainted jerky treats. 32,000 more pets have become seriously ill. Top brands of jerky treats that are imported from china have been causing major gastrointestinal problems, kidney failure, Fanconi syndrome, and urinary problems in dogs of all sizes and even a few cats.
A few of these products were recalled due to the presence of antibiotic residue in January, but the FDA thinks something else is actually causing the problem. Unfortunately, they have been working on an answer since 2007 and they are at a loss for what is causing all the illness.  The ...