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Setting a Fierce and Furry World Record

on 09/28/2013 - 04:00 pm

The Guinness Book of World Records has chosen a two-year old Himalayan-Persian cat named Colonel Meow to hold the record of Longest Fur On a Cat in the 2014 book.  Colonel Meow currently resides in Los Angeles CA with his owners Anne-Marie Avey and Eric Rosario, who rescued him from a Himalayan-Persian Rescue Shelter and brought him into their home.  Three vets were brought in to officially measure 10 of the Colonel’s hairs, finding that the hairs were on average 9 inches in length. 
Colonel Meow’s presence was first known when his owners started posting viral pictures and videos of their cat, who now has 178,000 Facebook friends and 73000 Instagram follow ...

Should I Let My Dog Sleep With Me?

on 09/18/2013 - 01:26 pm

The matter of whether or not to invite your pet into your bed for sleepy time is ultimately a matter of preference, but there are some things to consider before you decide.  In recent studies, the results have shown that people who sleep with their dogs are experiencing a decline in the healthiness or their sleep. Sleep is often disrupted by our canine friends, or at least made more difficult. It can be confusing for them too, if they don’t have an understanding of where it is proper for them to sleep. Allergies and dirty fur are also a factor in this decision. On the other hand, our pups do provide warmth, companionship, and emotional comfort when they snuggle with us. Here are s ...


on 09/17/2013 - 06:52 pm

"I Could Use a Boost Here."

Until Nerissa Met Cash

on 09/14/2013 - 08:11 pm

I got Cash impulsively, to be honest. It had been 7 years since my dog had been tragically taken from me, but my life hadn't been settled enough for a dog. Several times I could have taken one on in that 7 years, but I ended up declining each one ... Until Cash.
When I met him, almost 4 months old, he was a bundle of spunk and confidence. Chasing a soccer ball bigger than his head, and he was DETERMINED to bring it back to us ... I fell for him immediately. My co-worker had needed to find Cash (named for Johnny Cash) a new home due to a housing issue. Things fell into place and he joined my life.
I have trained dogs since I was 10, so , naturally we started obedience, ...

The Day My Dog Ate Tweety Bird !

on 09/12/2013 - 04:27 pm

Growing up, my family loved pets. Cats, dogs, fish, rats (yes, rats) and birds--we had everything. One Christmas, when we were at the mall and made the obligatory and much anticipated trip to the pet store, we came across a Shiba Inu puppy and knew instantly he was going to be the newest addition to our family. 
My parent's unsuccessful attempts to name off all the reasons we couldn't buy a puppy were easily thwarted as they became familiar with his docile temperament, his addicting and undying affection and of course his pleading puppy eyes. Thirty minutes after walking in, we were walking out with our newest and most treasured Christmas present. 
Tiko, as we n ...

The 9/11 Heroes on Four Legs

on 09/12/2013 - 12:37 am

September 11 is a day we now take to remember the fallen heroes and loved ones who did not survive that fateful day. The heroes we often overlook were featured in a book, titled Retrieved, published on the 10th anniversary and created by Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas. These heroes were the surviving search and rescue dogs who lent their services and their lives to retrieve the souls lost in the rubble of 9-11. Almost 100 dogs were sent to Ground Zero as well as the Pentagon and only 15 survived to become a part of the book ten years later. Here are the incredible faces of the four-legged heroes. 

1.    Moxie and her handler traveled from Winthrop, MA t ...

See Sparky Swipe his iPad

on 09/10/2013 - 04:18 pm

If you are looking for a way to play with your dog and can’t make it to the great outdoors as often as you like, Anna Jane Grossman of New York City may have a surprising solution for you. She recently opened up a Dog Training Center that offers lessons for dogs on how to use an iPad. Before starting up School for the Dogs, Grossman successfully trained her dog Amos to use the technology.
She and her partner Kate Senisi start the dogs off with hand-targeting, getting them used to new activities. The type of skills the dog learn are swiping and button-pushing with noses and paws.  The case-protected iPads are equipped with dog-friendly apps that dogs play with by pushing b ...

Sugar the pit bull

on 09/08/2013 - 06:48 pm

Sugar is a 2 year old pit bull. When I first moved to Georgia, I decided to get another dog. It was around Christmas of 2011. I went to the pound and searched for a dog. I brought different pit bulls into the meet and great room. So I could see how the new dog was going to be with my other pit bull Clyde. I tried out about 3 or 4 pit bulls none never really connecting with me or Clyde. Every time I made my rounds up and down the rows of cages, I kept seeing this one tiny skinny pit bill, with no hair on her about or head. It was because she had been raised in the pound her entire life of 7months or so. Her eyes just kept meeting with mine. So I final opened her cage and walked her into the r ...

The Term “Purse Dog” Has All New Meaning

on 09/04/2013 - 07:26 pm

Are you tired of walking with your dog at the end of a lightweight leash? Is your dog tired of enjoying himself on these walks? Are the two of you looking to make a fashion statement? If you answered yes to these questions you may just be the right person to own the latest in ridiculous pet ideas: The pooch pouch.  A woman in New York City was seen recently carrying her dog in a harness strapped across her shoulder like a purse.  The dog’s legs dangled from the harness while the rest of him was strapped in. He didn’t look particularly pleased with the arrangement, but he was at least safe. There is speculation that the unique device may be a clever way of adhering to su ...