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National Pit Bull Awareness Day

on 10/25/2014 - 05:29 pm

October’s here and in addition to trick-or-treating, we’ll be honoring a marvelous breed of dog-the pit bull. These dogs may look rough and tumble, but the truth is, they love humans and love to be loved by us.
The idea behind the month is to spread love and educate people on the true, kind nature of these dogs. Pit bulls have to deal with a stigma that was created to show them in a bad light. We’re all familiar with scary pit bull stereotypes in cartoons and TV shows. Mediums like this portray pit bulls as bullies, when the truth is that the stereotypes bully these dogs more than the dogs bully anyone.
What should you do this month to spread awareness? He ...

Texas Shelters Providing Free Pets

on 10/20/2014 - 07:35 pm

Central Texas is bustling with pets. The strays are having babies and foster homes are filled. Two hundred more animals joined the foster system on Sunday. Because of this abundance of animals, shelters are looking for an abundance of new homes.
In Leander, TX, Texas Humane Heroes has thirty-five dollar pets. In Williamson County, you can join a drawing to pick a price between zero and thirty-five dollars. In Austin, they are literally giving free pets away to prospective owners. The pets are already neutered, spayed, and microchipped. The shelters do, of course, screen people so they know the pets will be loved and taken care of.
Luckily, the pet lovers of Texas are more t ...

Warning: Treat Recall!

on 10/09/2014 - 09:16 pm

Loving Pet Corporatiion is voluntarily re-calling some treats found to have mold. The treat in question is the Simply Nourish: Biscotti with Beef and Sweet Potatoes. If you bought these recently, check the expiration date. The affected bags say February 2016. If you have these treats, don’t feed them to your pet. Take them to the store you got them from for a rufnd. No other treats, have been affected, but if you have any more questions you can call Loving Pets Corp at (866) 599- 7387.

Here’s The Skinny on Pet Obesity Awareness Day

on 10/08/2014 - 08:07 pm

Today is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, and pets and owners alike are taking steps to being more aware of this condition that affects many dogs and twenty-five percent of cats. The day was started by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, a group of veterinary health professionals dedicated to combatting and educating about obesity in pets. It is a real problem that affects many of us, typically because we don’t realize that our pet is overfed and under-exercised.
The first step in helping an obese pet is of course being aware that your pet is obese. This seems like common sense, but still may happen to your pet without you taking particular notice. Obesity isn&rsquo ...

Adorable Lost-and-Found Dog Too Good to Be True

on 10/07/2014 - 06:28 pm

A video from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines captured everyone’s hearts on Tuesday. The video featured Sherlock, and amazing beagle dog that would act as the airline’s lost and found, returning forgotten items to their passengers by using his sense of smell. The video went viral. Everyone wanted to share this dog’s story. Sherlock was an inspiration.
Soon, of course, the truth had to come out, and Alex Herwin and Jeroen Thissen, representatives of DDB & Tribal Worldwide ad agency, revealed it. Yes, it’s true. Our dear Sherlock is an actor, and the video was in fact an advertisement. Herwin and Thissen said they were inspired because KLM’s Lost and Found te ...

National Black Dog Day

on 10/02/2014 - 01:01 am

In fashion, we regard the color black as sleek and stylish. Unfortunately, this posh color’s reputation isn’t maintained when we regard black dogs. These black, furry beauties are among the first to be euthanized in shelters and the last to be adopted. Because of these statistics, October 1st was dubbed National Black Dog Day.
We want to celebrate these dogs that don’t get enough because of their appearance. These dogs blend into photos. They have a harder time expressing themselves because their dark hue covers their facial features, making them scary-looking. It’s silly, but some people even think black dogs are bad luck. In Harry Potter, the black dog is c ...


on 10/01/2014 - 01:51 am

PetClue had an absolute blast at the 6th Annual Unleashed by Petco Surf City Surf Dog Competition in Huntington Beach last weekend. The day was beautiful, the crowd was enthusiastic, and of course the dogs were totally righteous! Lisa Scolman from Oceanside, California did a fabulous job organizing the event. We’re so glad we could meet her and take part in this fabulous event!
This event invited dogs of all breeds and backgrounds to compete in a canine surf competition for charity. The ultimate competition took place on Sunday the 28th, the final day of the event. There were categories according to dog size, and there was also a category for humans and dogs that wanted to com ...