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The Las Vegas Pet Euthanasia Struggle

on 02/24/2015 - 06:37 pm

The three-hour meeting with Clark County commissioners and animal rights advocates proves just how much your voice matters in the euthanasia debate. The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas proposed a $13.2 million dollar renovation in order to provide more space to improve the chances of these animals having a second shot at a happy life. The foundation has helped drop the number of dogs and cats who were euthanized by 47% in only four years. According to one of the foundations consultants, there are more of these animals staying in their adoptive homes and not returning to the shelter.
No Kill-Las Vegas, another animal rights group, is rumored to be supporting the foundation by adding m ...

Massachusetts Winter Storms Leave Dogs Homeless

on 02/23/2015 - 08:15 pm

I’m sure you’ve already seen the crazy amounts of snow the North has gotten this year. Massachusetts received a whopping 4 ft. in the last three weeks alone. Dogs are escaping their fenced backyards via snowbanks which is causing animal control officers to push animal insurance onto pet owners in order to reconnect the dogs with their lost families.
According to the Weymouth animal control, dog owners have until February 27 to complete the licensing forms at their local town hall. The fee for a spayed/neutered dog is only $7, and all you need is the rabies vaccine certificate. Officers remind the county that there are some hefty fee’s that come along with a dog bei ...

To Clone Or Not To Clone....That Is The Question

on 02/23/2015 - 07:20 pm

Between ethical, religious, and health reasons, cloning of animals, especially the family pet, always has been and always will be a highly controversial subject and procedure. Even though the process of cloning is pain free for animals, many people still believe it should not be done, as they believe cloning is like "playing God".
The first mammal was successfully cloned from adult cells in 1996. Many species of animals have been cloned since the initial cloning of the sheep in 1996. With many people trying to regain their lost pet/companion, cloning has become more and more popular with pets.
Cloning your pet is a complicated process called enucleation, in which the health ...

Anderson Pooper, pet celeb, and overall inspiration to disabled pups everywhere

on 02/18/2015 - 09:46 pm

She is a dachshund with all the makings of an inspirational Hollywood spectacular. O.K., maybe not quite, but she sure has a wide fan base. Most fans don’t simply love Pooper for her name (Love it!), but also because of her for encouragement to other pets with disabilities. Little Miss Pooper is the first disabled dog in a wheelchair that has raced in a wiener dog race. Who doesn’t love an underdog (haha!)? Especially when they’re as cute as her.
Pooper has gone on to become a YouTube superstar with her video being viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Because of her tenacity and will to survive, Pooper is now the leader for Animals With Disabilities, a non-profit ...

I’m sure you’ve seen a dog show, but have you ever seen a miniature horse show?

on 02/18/2015 - 05:58 pm

With the Westminster dog show just coming to a close, what better way to spend your weekend than watching the 28th Annual Arizona Touch of Class Miniature Horse show? It premiers on March 21 and 22 at WestWorld of Scottsdale, Arizona and is being sponsored by the Miniature Horse Association of Arizona (MHAA). These precious minis are coming from all over the surrounding states including California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas in order to contend for a place in the World showcase in the upcoming months.
Maybe you can’t make it on both days and you want to know which day to attend? March 21 will have presentations by the Arizona Driving and Carriage Society during the lunch in ...

Claim to Fame: The World’s Oldest Kitty?

on 02/12/2015 - 06:54 pm

The average lifespan of a cat is about 15 years, but Tiffany Two, the 26-year-old Tortie cat has sauntered her way into the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Oldest Living Cat. In human years, this sassy girl is 125! Born March 13, 1988, Guinness records show Tiffany Two was bought the very same year in a pet shop for $10. According to her owner, Sharron Voorhees, besides taking arthritis and blood pressure medication, the spirited Tortie is still as lively as ever.
Tiffany Two might have some competition with Tuppence, however, a one-eyed, half-tailed 27-year-old senior who claims she is heir to the oldest kitty throne. Tuppence was born in 1987 and is a year olde ...

Fire Fighters and Mannequins. How They're Saving Your Pets Lives.

on 02/06/2015 - 07:33 pm

Until the last couple of years, fire departments and first responders, like the Charleston Fire Department, were not equipped with the proper equipment to save your pets lives from house fires. Now the Charleston Fire department, along with many other fire departments in the US and Canada, can use oxygen masks and properly perform CPR on your pets when they are in distress.
The apparatuses, pet mannequins, allow first responders to learn life saving techniques for pets. First responders will know how to properly fit and use oxygen masks, and how to properly perform CPR on your pets. They also provide additional training for dealing with pets in distress.  
Although the ...