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It’s Official: Puppy Mills Are Ousted From Arizona Pet Stores

on 09/03/2015 - 02:43 pm

Arizona may have made some questionable choices in other matters, but they’ve got the backs of our furry friends. 
A federal judge has officially supported a Phoenix law that bans pet stores from associating with commercial breeders and puppy mills. While small-scale breeders can still sell to pet stores, overall the law states, “Pet stores may only sell animals obtained from animal shelters or rescue organizations”.  Carnivals are also forbidden to give animals as game-prizes.
While for most people, this type of ruling is an obvious win, one pet store fought back.  A local pet store called Puppies ‘N Love was the only store selling commercial pets be ...

Rising Star Miss Asia Kinney in New “COACH PUPS” Campaign

on 07/08/2015 - 01:10 am

The beginning of the summer will not only be reuniting us with its toasty weather, but also introducing us to COACH’s newest advertising campaign called “COACH PUPS”. The campaign introduces a series of portraits featuring several dog stars modeling the Fall 2015 bag collection, including Lady Gaga’s rising star pup Miss Asia Kinney who has already gained a significant social media following.
Photographed by Steven Meisal, the campaign launches this month with Lady Gaga’s famous French bulldog being the cover girl on the COACH website and modeling elegantly the Edie and the Rucksack. COACH’s Creative director Stuart Vevers says, “I’ve ...

The Las Vegas Pet Euthanasia Struggle

on 02/24/2015 - 06:37 pm

The three-hour meeting with Clark County commissioners and animal rights advocates proves just how much your voice matters in the euthanasia debate. The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas proposed a $13.2 million dollar renovation in order to provide more space to improve the chances of these animals having a second shot at a happy life. The foundation has helped drop the number of dogs and cats who were euthanized by 47% in only four years. According to one of the foundations consultants, there are more of these animals staying in their adoptive homes and not returning to the shelter.
No Kill-Las Vegas, another animal rights group, is rumored to be supporting the foundation by adding m ...

A Pet’s Gentle Passing

on 11/19/2014 - 06:26 pm

We recently learned about Emily, a Great Dane who served her owner as a service dog for nine and a half years. Her owner, Brian, battles with panic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, and loved Emily for all the comfort and companionship she provided. Brian was devastated when it came time for an ailing Emily to be euthanized. He was very grateful for the help he received from Emily’s veterinary team, but needed a way to grieve and heal in a healthy manner. That’s when he was told to call on Francesca.
Francesca is a Registered Nurse, board certified in pain management. She has been certified in Kundalini yoga and meditation since 2001. She presently started a n ...

Come on Down to the Cat Café!

on 11/13/2014 - 08:04 pm

Oakland, California is home to the Raiders, crime, and now…cats! The Cat Town Café just opened and offers a very cat-isfying experience to its customers.
Visitors who come to the Cat Town Café have a chance to hang out with adorable cats while they enjoy coffee, tea, and cookies. It was modeled after the Japanese cat cafes that allowed pet-less tenants a chance for animal companionship. The difference here is that if you like a cat, you can actually take it home.
Cat Town Café was designed by nonprofit Cat Town Oakland’s founder, Ann Dunn, as a creative new way to find homes for shelter cats. The cats have all lived for several months in a ...

See Sparky Swipe his iPad

on 09/10/2013 - 04:18 pm

If you are looking for a way to play with your dog and can’t make it to the great outdoors as often as you like, Anna Jane Grossman of New York City may have a surprising solution for you. She recently opened up a Dog Training Center that offers lessons for dogs on how to use an iPad. Before starting up School for the Dogs, Grossman successfully trained her dog Amos to use the technology.
She and her partner Kate Senisi start the dogs off with hand-targeting, getting them used to new activities. The type of skills the dog learn are swiping and button-pushing with noses and paws.  The case-protected iPads are equipped with dog-friendly apps that dogs play with by pushing b ...

Where’s the Remote, Mom? I Want to Watch DogTV!

on 08/03/2013 - 09:14 pm

My Aunt and Uncle’s dog Sarah Jane was a more avid TV watcher than I’ll ever be. She literally jumped and danced for joy when she could watch her favorite programs: Animal Planet, Little Lulu, and the Viking-ridden Capital One commercial. These shows were great ways for her to get excited without destroying the house, but there was no guarantee what would be on TV when my Aunt and Uncle were away. Others shows would cause chaos. Luckily, DogTV is providing a solution to that problem.
A television channel has been created specifically for dogs. After years of research it, was formulated to help lonely dogs have a safe and engaging pastime while their owners are away.  DogTV ...