Keep Sparky from Sizzling: Tips for Pets in Hot Weather

on 06/29/2013 - 06:29 pm

It’s SO HOT outside. You’re sweaty, thirsty, droopy and complaining. You look down at your dog and stop whining after you realize it must be ten times worse to be covered in fur at a time like this. IT IS. Poor pup. Here’s how you can help your pets stay cool so you both can enjoy some summer fun with minimal whining.


You wear sunscreen, and your pet should too!

I’ll bet that puppy in the Coppertone ad was bugging the little girl so he could get some sun protection, too. Your dog’s ears, nose, and tummy can all benefit from the use of some vet-recommended sunscreen. It is also good to trim your pet’s hair to about an inch from the skin for coolness without a lack of protection.  Keep your pet’s hair brushed. This helps prevent a lot of heat related problems, especially for cats.  


Keep your activities cool.

It’s good to encourage exercise for your pet, but make sure it happens during the morning or evening before the heat really sets in. The pads on dogs’ feet can burn easily and severely when they touch hot pavement.  Find cool activities for your pal, such as a cool splash in the kiddie pool for dogs and a bath with ice cube toys for cats.  If you bring your dog to a lake or pool party, keep an eye on him and bring a flotation device. If you guys go somewhere, never leave your pet in the car or anywhere unattended. Cars heat up faster than you’d think. Parties provide a lot of opportunities to ingest alcohol or other dangerous items your buddy might think will help him cool off.  


Be on the lookout!

At the beginning of summer, bring your pet in for a check-up and learn what specific summer issues your pet is susceptible to. Always keep a spill-proof cool water supply for any pet. Pets with flat noses need to be kept especially cool since panting is harder for them. Know how to identify heat exhaustion in your pet. The signs are heavy panting, inactivity, heavy salivating, increased heart rate, or even seizures. If you notice these, bring your pal to a vet right away.


You two are in for a great summer if you keep in mind that anything that is uncomfortable for you in the heat is definitely uncomfortable for him. Keep an eye on each other, stay in the shade, and have fun!



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