States Are Re-Thinking Unpopular Pet Legislation

on 02/08/2014 - 08:18 pm

Breed Specific Legislation, or BSL occurs when the state dictates what type of pets people are allowed to own or not. The prohibited breeds are often pit-bull types, and the legislation sometimes causes owners to give up the pets they love. Many prospective dog-owners shy away from adopting pit bulls because they are afraid their state will take the dogs away. Some people can’t even find homes because landowners ban their dogs.


The Center for Disease Control, The American Bar Association, and even the president himself are against this type of legislation. BSL seems to aim for the betterment of public safety, but actually does little to achieve its goal. Studies on dog bite fatalities show that human abuse, not breed, is the biggest factor in determining which dogs tend to attack people.


Six states are currently putting new bills into consideration that would disallow these laws. Seventeen states have already done it. These laws are so unpopular that a recent poll run by Luntz Global and commissioned by Best Friends Animal Society shows that only four percent of people polled are in favor of them.


An end to these laws would save hundreds of thousand of dollars, preserve families, and aid in reversing inaccurate negative stigmas surrounding the