Stray Dog Adopts Adventure Racing Team as His New Family

on 03/14/2017 - 01:24 am

A small group of Swedish Adventure Racers got a surprising new team member recently when a local stray dog adopted them in the middle of a competition in Ecuador. The dog, who would soon earn the name King Arthur for his decidedly regal aura, sauntered through the crowd in search of food before coming across Team Peak Performance having a break. Initially apprehensive to Arthur’s dirty and sickly appearance, the generous team ended up giving old Arthur some meatballs from their pouches, and the rest is history.


A short while later, after finishing their snack, the team packed up and left. A few miles down the road, however, they noticed they were not alone; Arthur walking close behind. After several more miles, the mangy canine took his position as dutiful leader of the pack, giving the team members hope, strength, and courage throughout the remainder of the race, despite his numerous life-threatening injuries.


At one point in the race, the team was required to pass across a formidable body of water – a trip that would require 14 hours of precision paddling. Per race regulations, Arthur could not legally be brought on that leg of the trip. However, as the team began to row away, Arthur jumped into the water and insisted he come with his new family. The team could not deny his desperate request, and promptly drew him out of the water and into the boat under the risk of being disqualified.


Upon landing on shore, the team noticed that Arthur was not feeling well and could barely move. Team members immediately rushed Arthur to the nearest veterinarian. Notice was then given to the team that Ecuadorian law required Arthur to be killed because he was considered sick and lame. That’s when teamster, Mikael Lindnord (who is the one who initially offered Arthur the meatball), decided to take Arthur back home with him to his wife and children in Sweden.




After 4 months in quarantine for multiple infections on his back and legs, Arthur was released from the hospital and into the care of Lindnord. His new home is now 6455 miles away from his would-be grave in Ecuador. Veterinarians say that had it not been for the humane and heroic actions of Team Peak Performance, Arthur would not have lived to see today. Apparently, we don’t choose our pets, they are the ones who choose us.