Tito and Maya Memorial Letter

on 03/05/2014 - 11:13 pm

Tito and Maya Tito and Maya

Tito was an Anatolian Shepherd Mix. She was one of the most loving dogs I've ever known with such a personality. Every time I came to visit my sisters house Tito would run up to me whining and excited, wagging her happy tail and greeting me with kisses. I've had many adventures with Tito in different states where my sister would be living. For about a month or two I was caring for her in Connecticut while living with my dad. We would go to to a 40 acre wood behind my fathers house where I would take her down so she could romp around and chase after tennis balls. We would even howl together like wolves, and she would sleep in my bed and put her paws on me while snuggling close. She also snored but it was cute and I called her a piggy since she sounded like she was snorting like one. Her nickname was TT. I would always say that to her and she loved it so much because I would say it in a high pitched manner. One time while in bed I told Tito I loved her so much and she turned around and licked my face as if to say, "I love you too".


There is this personality within our pets that can not be mistaken for anthropomorphism because their spirits are real. They know what is going on, how we feel, what we think only too often their canine instincts in their brains take over. I also took care of her from slimming her down to a healthy weight, to feeding her properly and treating an ear infection...I'll never get to feel her fur again or her wet nose on my face or see her excited scampering when I visit my sister.. Except only in the dream world or that other realm where all the other spirits reside.


Maya. Maya was a boxer with a lot of personality as well, always trying to be the tougher and more dominant dog but had a deep care for everyone and a lot of love. If you brought your face too close she would lick it and my sister would play this game with her where you have to pull your face away before Mayas tongue would get you! She was also like a little baby. My sister would carry her with her pawns over her shoulder while supporting her rump. Oh yes and Maya was also known for her high jumps! And rambunctious energy. 


They will both be missed.


Kendall Falk from Madison, Connecticut






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