Vet Student Gives Sheltie A Second Chance

on 05/27/2016 - 01:08 am

An adorable Sheltie from Portland was given a second chance at life thanks to a vet student who made a life-saving discovery a minute before the pup was to be euthanized.  Ollie, a 10-year-old Sheltie, Portland, Oregon, became almost completely paralyzed after returning home from a camping trip. Ollie would not eat and appeared increasingly lethargic.

Ollie’s family took him to their regular veterinarian who conducted tests, including blood work and X-rays. Unfortunately, their vet could not figure out what was wrong with Ollie. Ollie’s family made the hard decision to put Ollie down two weeks after returning home from their camping trip.

Neena Golden, visiting vet student at Stone of DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, discovered a tick behind Ollie’s ear while she while she was comforting him before the procedure. Golden’s colleague, Dr. Adam Stone, diagnosed Ollie with tick paralysis and doctors removed the tick from Ollie’s fur.

Ollie was sent home that night and started to show signs improvement hours after the tick was removed. Ollie’s dad, Al, credits Stone and Golden with saving his precious pup’s life and says Ollie’s comeback has been nothing but miraculous.