Pet Farm Animals

Farm Animals as Pets

Farm Animals as Pets

Raising small animals is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. as people become more concerned about knowing where their food comes from. Having your own source of eggs or dairy products can be immensely rewarding and fun, as well as spending time with your animals. And to simply raise them as pets can also be fun for you and your family, without spending much money. In just a matter of time, you can have a new family member walking around the living room. You can even buy chicken diapers if you want them to hang out inside, and pigs are as intelligent as dogs. They can easily be house trained! Most small animals can learn to walk on a leash and other basic commands.

5 Things to know before you start with Farm Animals

1 - Before acquiring any new animals, make sure you are ready to provide proper shelter, containment and feed.

2 - Research your local laws that apply to keeping animals in your situation.

3 - Talk to your neighbors and try to work out any difficulties before bringing the animals onto your property. This can save you a lot of trouble later.

4 - Treat your animals well, but don’t confuse them with people. This will only make them unhappy. They each have their own unique perspectives and quirks. Take time to get to know your animals.

5 - Expect to make some mistakes. It is a natural part of the learning curve, as with any new skill. Making mistakes is how we learn, so use common sense and research, but don’t be too hard on yourself.



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