Pet Fish

Pet Fish

One Fish, Two Fish, Three, Four, More Fish!

There’s no rhyme or reason as to why children are continuously begging for a pet. You think to yourself: I don't want a cat - there's that whole litter box thing. You don't have the time to commit to training a puppy, plus what would you do if you want to go away on a family vacation? Birds can get really messy and they most definitely can crank up the noise. And then there's those "rodents” – yikes!

You then reach that “Ta-Da” moment when you decide pet fish are the way to go. Fish make great pets. Although you can't pet them or play with them as you would with a dog or cat or smaller pet, they can bring life and color to your home.

Fish provide a way for children to learn the importance of responsibility and teach them how to care for an animal. There is however a certain amount of knowledge needed, as with any pet.

If you’re looking to spend minimal time caring for your new squirmy friend, the beta fish is an ideal choice. Beta fish are inexpensive to buy, and make great pets for kids of all ages. They require little space, and do not need a filter or heater.

Beta fish, on average, live for two to three years and need a tank of two to five gallons of water. While live foods, such as insects, are ideal for these fish, they can adapt to a pinch of flaked Beta food once a day.

The most popular pets in the world tend to be goldfish, which are considered to be the easiest to care for. There are different types of goldfish, however they all have similar origins and genetic structure. Some are very small, while others, such as the Koi, can grow approximately 12-18 inches long. Aside from the most common colored goldfish, which is orange, goldfish also come in white, red and black colors.

Goldfish, which can live two to 10 years, can be fed flaked, pellet, frozen and freeze dried fish food. It is recommended to get your goldfish to eat as many different kinds of food as you can to ensure they are getting everything they need. Feed them once a day as much as they can consume in that one feeding (without food falling to the bottom of the tank).

If you desire a more labor-intensive pet, consider purchasing a warm freshwater fish. If you are a new fish owner, you'll do better to start off with a cold-water aquarium. Once you have gained more experience with fish and aquariums, you can get an aquarium heater and convert your cold-water aquarium to a warm-water aquarium.

Lastly, there is the option of saltwater fish, which tend to have the bright, fluorescent-like colors everyone enjoys. The clownfish — like Nemo — is one example. However, keep in mind tropical saltwater fish are for the more advanced fish pet owner.