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Dog Breeds

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Want to learn more about a specific dog breed? Read and learn about the temperament and personality of your favorite dog breed. Discover what they like, their traits and how they behave. We have over 170 individual dog breeds available to help you make the right decision.

Cat Breeds

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Want to learn more about a specific cat breed? Find out the pros and cons of a specific breed to see which cat is perfect for you. Find detailed information and pictures on close to 70 cat breeds, from their origin to their characteristics and more.


 Birds Pets

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Since there are so many pet bird breeds, here is an article of things to consider before choosing your pet bird. Find information on pet birds, from parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, canaries and more.

Fish Pet Species

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There are a lot of different species of pet fish, so deciding what type of fish to get in your aquarium can be difficult. To ease this chore, browse through some that are listed here, from freshwater to saltwater fish.

 Reptile Species Breeds

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Learn more about keeping exotic animals as pets, such as reptiles and amphibians. Here are some species of pet frogs, newts, lizards (geckos, iguanas, salamanders), snakes, turtles, how to handle them, and more.

Rodents Breeds Pets

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The most common rodents kept as pets are hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, and guinea pigs. Learn more about these creatures to help you decide which will make the best pet rodent for you.


Horses Breeds

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A listing of breed specifications of many horse breeds can be found in this section. Discover horse breed descriptions and photos for different types of pony and horses (coming soon).

Pet Farm Animals

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A lot of farm animals make good family pets. Browse through the articles with information and pictures to decide if getting a pet farm animal is right for you.